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We are SociumTrade

Our team is developing an ecosystem of p2p-focused fintech products that utilize blockchain technology. We see a future in which financial markets are made up of individuals engaged in free trade, and big institutions are no longer the gatekeepers that keep users from interacting directly with one another. We see security and transparency becoming the cornerstones of every transaction, and individuals taking control of their financial futures.

At SociumTrade we are creating the tools that are going to realize this vision.

We have a lot of work ahead of us


A social trading and investment platform.


A crypto-exchange built using the HEX-concept architecture.


P2P crypto-pawnshop platform.


A specialized messenger application for traders and investors.


An online gift card platform for crypto-gifts.

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QA Engineer

Belarus, Minsk

Digital Content Writer

Belarus, Minsk

Frontend Developer

Lithuania, Vilnius